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Preventing Moisture Related Flooring Problems

The most effective way to avoid concrete slab moisture and pH-related flooring problems is to specify proper moisture testing on every project. Read More

Field Testing for Moisture - MVER and RH, Working Together

A new client recently contacted us with questions about concrete moisture testing.  They were in the process of evaluation their moisture testing specifications and ask for technical input about the various test methods.  Specifically, they were thinking of discontinuing the requirements of calcium chloride testing and relying only on in-situ relative humidity testing.  Read more

Check Slab for Moisture Before Installing the Flooring

Would you rather pay $2,500 to pre-test your building's concrete slab for moisture, or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the flooring when it starts blistering and peeling away? Read more

Preventing Flooring Failure Through Testing

The surest way to solve flooring failure is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. With billions of dollars lost every year to concrete-slab moisture-related floor-covering failures, an ounce of prevention can spell the difference between profit and loss.... Read more

Addressing Moisture Related Problems

Moisture related failures of resilient floor coverings installed over concrete have focused unfairly over the years on the premise that the product itself is at fault or the flooring contractor... Read more

A Guide to Flooring Moisture Problems

This document was prepared as a survey on what most flooring manufacturers, organizations, and experts say about the problem of flooring failures caused by high concrete moisture vapor emission. Read more

Prevention of Failures of Floor Coverings over Concrete Slabs on the Ground

The frequency and magnitude of floor covering failures has today reached unprecedented levels. Read more

How to Test for Moisture and Reduce Job Failures

I have seen every side of a moisture problem. These include the legal side — no one wins... Read more