IFTI is the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in North America.

At IFTI, we provide the most comprehensive and reliable moisture testing solutions available.   We are also the experts on industry trends, surrounding test methods, flooring, and mitigation products.

As the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in north America, our ICRI and IFTI-certified technicians provide the most comprehensive, reliable, and advanced concrete slab moisture testing methods and reports for medium to large-scale commercial projects, along with the most current, advantageous, and cost-effective solutions available.

Our ICRI certified teams and IFTI certified field technicians are trained in proprietary processes that allow us to determine the scope of any project, clarify specifications and recommend appropriate tests, deliver reliable data, assess risk, and provide a range of cost-effective solutions, all in a timely and transparent manner. By performing and perfecting the process of concrete slab moisture testing for over twenty years, we’ve established protocols that consistently result in saving our clients $5 - $10 per square foot on flooring installations, while at the same time protecting them from unnecessary future costs due to flooring failures or voided warranties. 

We support our clients throughout the project, helping you evaluate the scope of a project from its earliest stages, which leads to informed decisions, achievable timelines, and successful flooring installations that eliminate expensive moisture-related flooring failures and the use of unnecessary, costly moisture mitigation systems.

As an independent concrete moisture slab testing company, what exactly does IFTI do?



IFTI’s team members are trained to engage in a detailed discovery process that benefits everyone involved in a project. As the independent concrete moisture testing experts, we have the ability to assist in creating a project scope by identifying:
  • What type of flooring will be installed. Based on this information, we review:
    • Project specifications – what did architects, engineers, designers recommend?
    • Products: Our experts review the products that will be used, and compare them to the architect or engineer’s recommendations.
  • Based on the above, we can determine
    • Compliance: Whether the specifications are appropriate, or improvements are necessary, or are current, and match the requirements of the products selected.
    • Testing: Which tests are necessary to ensure that the most appropriate conditions are created for long term success of the flooring products.
    • Scheduling: Our field technicians determine a realistic schedule based on the materials that were chosen and their moisture tolerances, and then stick to it.


IFTI’s experts will research the recommended moisture tolerances for any products that will be used in a project, as well as the manufacturer’s ASTM F2170 relative humidity threshold for finished floor products, and adhesives.

We also research any new products. If you have products you want us to take a look at, we’d be happy to educate ourselves on them. We don’t recommend a product unless we have knowledge and data behind the recommendation.

Specifications Interpretation and Articulation

Building specifications aren’t always clearly defined or easy to understand. In fact, some building specifications are so vague or confusing that they can lead to serious difficulties in determining exactly which tests are necessary or how to ensure that the testing is conducted properly. Our experts will analyze, interpret, and clarify specifications so that a clearly articulated, user-friendly plan can be made available and accessible to anyone involved in the project.


We provide quantitative readings on specifications that manufacturers have created for their products. These readings help assess the proper preparation or mitigation systems necessary to the concrete slab, helping to eliminate future flooring problems and create the conditions that virtually guarantee a successful installation and warranty compliance.

Inspection Services:

Whether your need preventative moisture testing, a risk management system, or a failure analysis investigation, our field technicians are equipped to inspect the various factors that contribute to flooring failures or flooring installation success.


As the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company with more than 10,000 commercial projects tested since 2010, we work with some of the biggest construction managers and retail construction divisions in the world. This offers us the opportunity to assess the quality of products from on-site observations, and from the consistent feedback offered to us by a variety of professionals. Based on this in-depth knowledge, we can recommend products that are the most up-to-date and cutting-edge, as well as those that have stood the test of time.

Our areas of expertise

IFTI is equipped to serve any industry across the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico, as well as in Canada. While we have the deepest roots in providing concrete moisture testing for medium- to large-size retail spaces, we’ve worked successfully in numerous settings, including buildings utilized in the healthcare industry, in the Department of Defense, in educational facilities, and a variety of additional commercial and manufacturing spaces.

What Makes IFTI Unique Among Concrete Moisture Testing Companies?


Our nationwide network of field technicians

Our IFTI- certified professionals are backed by a dedicated team equipped with experience, education, and a can-do attitude to ensure we deliver timely, accurate information and risk assessment solutions.

Training and Certification

Every IFTI field technician is trained in the most current systems and concrete moisture testing procedures through our internal training system, which exceeds industry standards.


The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA) has recommended in a published position paper on moisture emission testing that “third party testing companies be contracted to conduct moisture testing in accordance with Industry Standards and manufacturer’s recommendations.” The association’s position is that “testing by an independent specialist is a prudent and necessary safeguard for general contractors, owners, and architects.”

These recommendations are due to the fact that, as an independent concrete slab moisture testing company, we utilize a highly sophisticated, proprietary process to deliver reliable data, assess risk, and provide a range of cost-effective solutions. Based on our testing data, we recommend the products that we know have proved to be the best for the project.


Our team is dedicated to providing detailed information that will allow you to understand the full scope of needs for your project. Based on those needs, our recommendations will include the full range of solutions to mitigate concrete slab failure at the lowest cost possible for the project. We pledge to offer only the best solutions, and never any unnecessary ones.

Any floor installed outside of a manufacturer’s installation and maintenance parameters is subject to denial of a claim, and by adhering to the appropriate standards, you save your company from unnecessary futures expenditures.

As the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in north America, we pride ourselves on:



With over 20 years of specialization in the field of concrete moisture testing, we bring an unparalleled level of professional knowledge and experience.


We are leaders in the field of concrete moisture testing because of our commitment to creating and maintaining the most sophisticated concrete testing systems and equipment, along with the most stringent standards for training, communications, and operations.


At IFTI, we’re not in the business of selling ourselves, we’re in the business of being the best at what we do. If we’re not a good fit for the job, we won’t do it. But it’s likely we can connect you with the business that is.


All of IFTI’s projects are managed by expert project coordinators using our custom-made project management software, giving us detailed oversight of the timeline we use to communicate directly to the customer.


As a green company, IFTI takes pride in operating with a focus on sustainable practices both internally and externally. Our internal practices promote reuse and recycling to reduce waste and carbon footprint, while the materials we use in testing comply with the environmental standards created by ASTM International. In addition, our testing services will eliminate flooring failures and maximize the life of your flooring, saving tons of waste from going into landfills. 

With accurate moisture measurement and proper preparation provided by an independent concrete moisture slab testing company, your flooring installations will stand the test of time, providing you satisfaction, confidence, and peace of mind. 

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