IFTI is the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in North America.

At IFTI, we provide the most comprehensive and reliable moisture testing solutions available.   We are also the experts on industry trends, surrounding test methods, flooring, and mitigation products.

Through our ICRI certified teams and IFTI certified field technicians, we are able to deliver timely, accurate information and risk assessment solutions across multiple commercial locations that save you from costly moisture-related flooring problems. 

As the independent, third-party specialist in concrete slab moisture testing, we utilize our proprietary process to deliver reliable data, assess risk, and provide a range of cost-effective solutions.  With tens-of-thousands of tests performed for hundreds of customers over the past twenty years, we’ve been able to consistently save our clients $5 - $10 per square foot on flooring installations. Through our trusted partnerships, we support our clients in making informed decisions when choosing flooring products thereby avoiding expensive moisture related flooring failures and the use of costly moisture mitigation systems when they aren't truly needed. 

As a green company, IFTI takes pride in offering a service that contributes to sustainability.  Our testing services will eliminate flooring failures and maximize the life of your flooring, saving tons of waste from going into landfills.  

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