Understanding the moisture content of your concrete is a crucial step on any project.

Over the last 20 years, IFTI has become the leading concrete moisture testing company in North America, conducting concrete moisture tests across the United States and including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Our IFTI-certified concrete moisture test professionals have collected and studied data and feedback from thousands of projects, using that information to develop customized concrete moisture testing solutions to address any situation.

In spite of the significance of flooring in the scope of a project, many design, construction, and building management professionals are unaware of the importance of conducting a concrete moisture test. Whether it’s during pre-installation, when important product decisions are being made, or post installation, when the flooring is not performing as intended, having a proactive moisture testing program in place makes all the difference.

Flooring Failures?

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Commercial flooring failures occur all too often -- at a cost of over $1 billion dollars per year in the United States alone. 

The cause of these flooring failures is largely due to excess concrete moisture.  While IFTI’s primary goal is to eliminate flooring failures by assessing the moisture content prior to installation, we also understand the importance of post-installation testing to determine the root cause, should a flooring failure ever occur.  IFTI’s forensic consulting team is able to diagnose any flooring failure, and get to the bottom of why the failure occurred, so that the same mistakes don’t happen again.

Pre-installation Testing

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Whether your concrete is brand new or many decades old, concrete slab moisture testing is required on just about every project where flooring will be installed. 

In any flooring installation, there will typically be a leveling material used to smooth the surface of the concrete, an adhesive, and flooring.  These products can all be negatively affect by excess moisture, and have warranty limits on moisture, so it is crucial that the moisture content of the concrete is identified prior to installation.  Tell us more about your project and we can help determine what moisture tests should be performed to ensure you have a successful flooring installation with a warranty in place.

Testing & Inspection

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IFTI has developed a concrete moisture testing program specifically for commercial projects.

It is designed to provide our customers with the information they need in order to make informed decisions.  By receiving this information well in advance, our customers are able to create a precise budget and schedule that will cost-effectively reduce their risk of moisture-related flooring problems.


Case Studies

The prevalence of moisture-related flooring problems in new construction has led many design firms, contractors, and building owners to view moisture mitigation not as a contingency, but a necessity.

A moisture-related evaluation of the concrete sub-floor prior to the installation of flooring is a requirement of every major manufacturer of flooring material.

IFTI has developed a concrete floor moisture testing program for commercial remodel projects that has been specifically designed to provide you with the information you need.

The majority of tenants and landlords have a due diligence program in place to assess HVAC, plumbing, asbestos, and this includes.

IFTI developed a Risk Management System that allows you to cost-effectively reduce your risk.

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