Flooring Failures

Commercial flooring failures cost more than $1 billion dollars per year in the United States alone.  

The main cause of flooring failures is excess concrete moisture.  While IFTI’s primary goal is to eliminate flooring failures by properly understanding the moisture content prior to installation, we also understand the importance of post-installation concrete moisture testing to determine the root cause, should a flooring failure occur.  

IFTI’s forensic consulting team is able to diagnose any flooring failure in North America. The proper analysis is critical to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen again. When a floor fails everyone loses. Whether you are the flooring installer, general contractor, architect/designer, or owner who has to live with the failure, there is going to be a significant cost in time, money, or both to get the issue resolved.

Getting Started (Scope)

The most crucial step in troubleshooting a flooring failure starts at the beginning.  In order to properly diagnose a flooring failure, we need to have as much information as possible to develop the proper scope.  Age of the site, square footage, products used, previous test data, etc., are all critical to the success of the review. Give us a call or fill out the form below to get started!

Desired outcome

Understanding our client’s desired outcome has a significant effect on how we approach a flooring failure.  It can be a simple as providing a solution to fix the problem, or as complex as forensic analysis of concrete cores, root cause failure analysis reporting, and expert witness testimony.  The following are typical outcomes our clients are looking for when they run into a flooring issue:

What do I need to do to get this fixed?

This scope is best for when you are simply looking to fix the problem.  This scope will include concrete moisture testing and product recommendations to fix the issue.

Why did the flooring fail and who is to blame?

This scope is geared towards situations where there isn’t a clear answer as to who is responsible for the flooring problem and someone needs to pay to get it fixed.  This scope will include in-depth analysis which may include extraction of cores from the project site to be sent in for lab analysis.  We offer a free over the phone consultation to help determine the best approach for these situations.

How am I going to prove that I am not liable for this problem?

This situation occurs when there is a dispute between parties and that cannot be settled outside of court.  Our principal consultant can be hired as an expert witness if the issue does go into litigation.