Our proprietary process has been perfected through years of hands-on practice.

Step #1: Customer Needs Assessment

One of IFTI’s qualified professionals will ask you a series of questions to determine the best scope of testing for your projects (multi-sites or single locations). Whether your need preventative moisture testing, a risk management system, or a failure analysis investigation, we guarantee to provide you the best value for every project and the best solution for any problem.

Step #2: Generate Proposal for Approval

Based on the scope that best fits your needs, you will receive a proposal for your testing project. Our unique and proven pricing model has allowed us to charge a standard rate for testing and travel, whether it’s for locations in Canada, New York, or right in our backyard in San Francisco.

Step #3: Coordination of Testing

Once the project has been approved, one of our project managers will select from our team of IFTI Certified field technicians and coordinate the specifics of the testing project.


Step #4: Data Collection & Reporting

Upon completion of testing, the field technician uploads the data into our proprietary web-based operating system. The information goes through several levels of scrutiny by a crack team of professionals to ensure data integrity. Once the data is reviewed, scrutinized and approved, a report writer will produce the final report for certification.

Step #5 : Report Certification

Next, a trained and qualified certifier will go through an extensive review of the report prior to final certification and submission.

Step 6: Report is sent to the customer

Upon certification, your account manager will send you the certified moisture test report. To ensure you receive the best value for your investment, we are available to consult with you or answer any questions you may have.