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IFTI provides versatile professional solutions for businesses across the US, from concrete moisture testing to PROvision 3D imaging. IFTI is also the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in North America.

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We are the Nationwide leaders in commercial concrete moisture testing. Understanding the moisture content of your concrete is a crucial step on any project.

Over the last 20 years, IFTI has become the leading concrete moisture testing company in North America, conducting concrete moisture tests across the United States and including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Our IFTI-certified concrete moisture test professionals have collected and studied data and feedback from thousands of projects, using that information to develop customized concrete moisture testing solutions to address any situation.

PROvision 3D Imaging

3D digital imaging solution that will transform your business.

Our professional 3D imaging transforms your space into a digital twin accurately from a single scan, for one or multiple locations across the U.S. 3D floor plans, walkthroughs, CAD plans and more, all accessible through a secure portal.

For all projects, from Construction to Completion. We deliver a professional 3D digital imaging solution to help you efficiently launch, monitor and update all your retail spaces in the US and Canada.

A virtual 3D scan of your retail space (s) gives you all the up to date visual and dimensional information (CAD & Revit files) you need.

About IFTI

IFTI is the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in North America.

At IFTI, we provide the most comprehensive and reliable moisture testing solutions available. We are also the experts on industry trends, surrounding test methods, flooring, and mitigation products.

As the leading independent concrete slab moisture testing company in north America, our ICRI and IFTI-certified technicians provide the most comprehensive, reliable, and advanced concrete slab moisture testing methods and reports for medium to large-scale commercial projects, along with the most current, advantageous, and cost-effective solutions available.





Our IFTI- certified professionals are backed by a dedicated team equipped with experience, education, and a can-do attitude to ensure we deliver timely, accurate information and risk assessment solutions.

Every IFTI field technician is trained in the most current systems and concrete moisture testing procedures through our internal training system, which exceeds industry standards.

A network of over 300 technicians across the U.S. & Canada, reduce costs by eliminating travel expenses, because now PROVision clients have the ability to view the data they need to make decisions from the convenience of their home or office.