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When you install the floor, you only want to do it once. IFTI is on your side and takes the burden of floor failure off your hands. Testing may require spending more money initially, but our process takes out the guess work and will save a lot of time, money and stress in the long run.

We do not show our prices online because we know that every slab and every project is unique and you deserve a price that matches your needs, not ours.


The IFTI difference

In any flooring installation, there will typically be a leveling material used to smooth the surface of the concrete, an adhesive, and flooring. These products can all be negatively affect by excess moisture, and have warranty limits on moisture, so it is crucial that the moisture content of the concrete is identified prior to installation. Tell us more about your project and we can help determine what moisture tests should be performed to ensure you have a successful flooring installation with a warranty in place.

Minimum Viable Testing

Our goal is to give you control of your floor so you don’t spend anymore than you have to. Complying with full ASTM standards isn’t always an option, that is why you hire an expert like IFTI to get reliable moisture testing information and recommendations.

accurate details = accurate testing

Our price reflects the certainty of our moisture testing reports. An online estimate is a only little better than a guess and doesn’t provide you with what you are really looking to pay for–certainty in your moisture test results.

how much does moisture testing by IFTI cost?

While every project is different, our cost start around $1,000. This cost reflects the true value of what professional moisture testing provides–reliability and responsibility in the understanding and prevention of moisture-related floor failures.

If you’re paying $300-$500 for moisture testing, you’re paying for a guess which leaves you in no better shape than when you started.

Take a look at our price comparison chart so you know the difference in what you’re paying for.


Our IFTI certified field technicians have the skills and expertise necessary to inspect any floor.

If you are unsure which tests are required for your specific site and products, just give us a call 800-490-3657. We have solution specialists on call that can help determine the specific test necessary for any project.

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