Over 10,000 projects since 2010

why IFTI

When it comes to concrete slab moisture testing companies IFTI has proven itself as the best. We’ve seen it, we’ve studied it, we’ve adapted, and improved, and we continue to strive to be better.

At IFTI, our goal is to be the most trusted concrete moisture testing company in North America. Our word is our bond — we deliver on every promise and we strive to exceed all of our customers’ expectations. We earn our customers’ trust through open communication and by acting with honesty and integrity in everything that we do.


Just like in sports, you can have all the training in the world, but if you can’t execute on game day, it’s all for nought. At IFTI, we’ve refined our internal systems through years of testing and tweaking, producing streamlined operations based on clarity and consistency, leading to optimum efficiency. The following is a breakdown of how we get the job done.


Timing is everything. Through IFTI’s proprietary, web-based workflow management system, we have the ability to coordinate the scheduling of the many different aspects of a project, partnering with architects, engineers, and project managers to create a calendar that guides the project to completion.

Report Certification

Before a report even reaches the desk of an approved report certifier, the data has been thoroughly reviewed by the Project Manager and an IFTI Certified Technical Writer. The report certifier will do a final comprehensive review before the report is signed. A signed IFTI report is fully backed by IFTI Errors and Omission insurance, so you can rest assured that the information in our report is something you can rely on.


Our account managers are responsible for the first step in the execution. These professionals are trained to take potential customers through a thorough, detailed discovery process that documents every aspect of a project, resulting in a comprehensive and accurate quote.

Data Verification

All data entered into our system is run through a series of quality assurance steps preventing any incorrect information from making its way into a final report. We hold our team members accountable for their actions through a Kaizen culture of continuous improvement.

Attention to detail

Details, details, details. Our field testing technicians will ensure that the necessary conditions have been established in order to comply with the required testing conditions. Every test will be documented with data and photos, then uploaded to our management system, allowing IFTI staff to thoroughly review each and every detail to ensure data integrity. If any of the work performed fails to meet ASTM and/or IFTI standards, the project is rejected back to the technician for retesting.


150 Years Of Experience

how we do it

As one of the oldest concrete moisture testing companies in North America, IFTI created the first concrete slab moisture testing training program in 2005, developing training videos and guides to ensure that testing would be performed correctly and consistently, no matter who was performing the tests. This led to the opportunity to build a nationwide network of IFTI Certified Moisture Testing technicians, certified by the only training program of its kind until 2010, when the International Concrete Repair Institute, (ICRI) began a certification program of its own.

We have decades of experience in the field of concrete slab moisture testing, leading to an unmatched level of expertise. IFTI has sent technicians to hundreds of locations to perform tens of thousands of tests, allowing us to collect a wide variety of data from every possible environment.

Independent Concrete Moisture Testing Company – in any industry, third party performance testing eliminates any potential conflicts of interest. Concrete slab moisture testing is no different, and there are important reasons why:

  • A flooring contractor might benefit from having high moisture in the concrete, as it could allow them to suggest a certain product, which would in turn increase their profit on the project. As an independent testing firm, our only interest is getting the correct information and exceeding your expectations.
  • As stated in a position paper by The Floor Covering Installation Contractors Association (FCICA), “flooring contractors can’t be expected to determine such critical points as the chemical composition of concrete due to moisture content, alkalinity, or the effects of various admixtures on the concrete itself.” FCICA therefore, recommends an independent specialist as a safeguard for general contractors, owners, and architects. You can find the full text of the FCICA position paper here.

As an experienced moisture testing firm, we have experts on staff that can help with product recommendations. A flooring installer may not be aware of all of the products on the market, or may favor a product that affords them the highest margins. When you hire an expert for moisture testing, you’re getting not only the most reliable information, but also a cost-effective recommendation based on product performance.