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Concrete Moisture Testing Evaluation

Is Your Flooring at Risk of Failure?

Excess concrete moisture can destroy your flooring, regardless of how well it is installed. When too much moisture is present in a concrete slab, or the moisture barrier is not effective, carpeting gets moldy, wood floors buckle and vinyl floor tiles tend to detach themselves.

The obvious safeguard to prevent these situations is to have your concrete moisture content evaluated before installing any flooring.

Our FREE Concrete Moisture Testing Evaluation is designed to help you understand the importance of having your concrete tested and to decide if your installation is a good candidate for our testing process.

Included in your evaluation:

A consultation with our senior experts.

Guidance on ASTM F2170, ASTM F1869 and ASTM F710 testing.

Detailed testing proposal for your installation.

Get a free Concrete Moisture Testing Evaluation:


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