Our Journey with 3D Imaging: Pioneering New Paths in Flooring



The construction industry has undergone an impressive metamorphosis in recent years, largely due to technological advancements. One such advancement, 3D imaging, has been instrumental in redefining how project managers, architects, and construction professionals plan, execute, and manage projects. As a company known for our proficiency in concrete slab moisture testing, we’ve embraced this innovation through our PROVision 3D Imaging Solutions. This article explores the impact of our 3D imaging technology on the flooring industry, and underscores the benefits and efficiencies it introduces to the construction process.

Our Venture into 3D Imaging

Our venture into 3D imaging isn’t just an expansion of our services; it’s a calculated strategy to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. By launching PROVision 3D Imaging Solutions, we’ve broadened our scope to offer a comprehensive solution that simplifies building renovation, new build project management, facilities management, and design in the retail and hospitality sectors. Our dedication to improving our service capabilities is demonstrated by the recent enlistment of two senior-level team members, Mike Reilly and Joe Everly, who are poised to bolster and broaden the market presence of PROVision services.

Strength of Our 3D Imaging Technology

The strength of our 3D imaging technology lies in its precision and accuracy. Using sophisticated scanning techniques, we can capture precise measurements of objects, spaces, and structures. This level of detail is instrumental in creating highly accurate models that form the basis for analysis and decision-making across various construction phases. The precision of these scans is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a pivotal element that can greatly reduce errors, save time, and decrease costs associated with the rework and adjustments that frequently afflict construction projects.

Generation of Digital Twins

One distinguishing feature of our PROVision services is the generation of digital twins. These digital replicas of physical spaces are produced from a single scan and can be used for a plethora of applications, including 3D floor plans, walkthroughs, and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) plans—all accessible via a secure online portal. This feature allows stakeholders to engage with the project from afar, fostering enhanced communication and collaboration. For example, project managers can now formulate punch lists and address issues more effectively by conducting virtual walkthroughs using Matterport 3D models. The option to share 3D scans with clients weekly via the Matterport Cloud boosts transparency and fosters a more inclusive project management process.

Advantages of Our 3D Imaging Solutions

The advantages of our 3D imaging solutions extend beyond mere visualization. The digital twins and detailed scans act as a valuable asset throughout the construction lifecycle, from initial planning to completion. They enable accurate analysis, which is especially useful in retrofitting and renovation projects where pre-existing conditions often guide design and construction processes. For new builds, the exactitude of 3D imaging aids in ensuring that design intentions are faithfully translated into the built environment, minimizing discrepancies between the planned and the actual outcome.


Our PROVision 3D Imaging Solutions provide exceptional precision, heightened visualization, and improved project management capabilities. These advancements don’t just simplify workflow but also encourage a more collaborative and efficient construction process. As we continue to grow our national sales team and refine our technological services, we are ready to establish new benchmarks in construction technology, leading the way towards a more innovative and effective approach to building and design.

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